Flexible Pouch Printing & HD Flexo Printing can Boost Your Sales!

In stores and supermarkets worldwide, it’s extremely difficult to get your product to stand out on crowded shelves. Because of this issue, many companies are getting more creative with the way they’re packaging their products to help them stand out. One effective method companies are using to boost sales is using flexible pouches and attractive, flexible packaging. Innovative flexible pouches with high quality color printing can go a long way in ensuring your product is top of mind when consumers roam the aisles.

Here are two ways in which flexible pouch printing to create flexible, attractive pouch packaging works to increase your bottom line:

Making Your Packaging Stand Tall

Creating a package that will stand up on the shelves and visually jump out at your customers plays a huge role in boosting sales of your product. There’s a number of psychological reasons on why you should invest in visually pleasing packaging, but without getting too scientific the importance of that first visual impact is huge.

The first impact is essentially why and how we make a judgement about a person, company, or, in this case, a product. How we perceive that product, and if we’ll buy it, is often times dependent on that first impression of the product. A uniquely designed and packaged product goes a long way in garnering that positive first impression.

Utilizing Good Practices

Using good practices like employing attractive flexible pouches can be a key part in locking in a positive first impression with a customer who’s browsing through the aisles. Flexible pouch packaging always stand up and will impress customers at first glance. Attractive packaging will make your product dominate the shelves through vibrant colors and unique shapes resulting in increase brand recognition.

With this in mind, take a look around the store next time you’re shopping and think about how poor design or old fashioned package can make you perceive a food as unappetizing or . Attractive, creatively designed flexible pouches will help you win the shelf battle, establish your brand identity and boost sales.

Bema’s in house prepress department will also work with you to leverage the best high definition flexographic (HD Flexo) printing technology the industry has to offer to maximize the impact of your art design. Our two wide format flexographic printing presses can handle all the colors in the Pantone spectrum at 4000 DPI. We can even print up to 18 colors (10 + 8 via a second print pass) and apply a matte or glossy finish to create a unique upmarket look for eye-popping shelf-appeal. Contact us for more information on how flexible pouches and attractive packaging can help your business boost product sales!