1. Welcome

  2. Prepress

    Bema's advanced pre-press team becomes                                                                                        an extension of your design department

  3. Printing

    Our flexo presses can produce the entire pantone pallet and                                              at 4000 DPI HD resolution, our print quality "rivals rotogravure"

  4. Lamination & Slitting

    Bema provides high speed slitting & solventless lamination

  5. Pouch & Bag Making

    Bema can create a variety of high-impact pouches

  6. Color Biology

    Color Biology is Bema's unique way of delivering                                                                fast turnaround without compromising quality

AIB Certified

AIB Certified

Bema, for five years running, has earned high scores for AIB certification. Bema continues to strive for perfection in food packaging safety and quality.  If you are not familiar with what AIB offers the end-customer, go here to find out more!