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Frequently Asked Questions

How many colors can Bema print?2020-10-05T17:53:19-05:00

We have one 8 color press and one 10 color press both manufactured by Windmoeller & Hoelscher (W&H). Both presses are capable of printing the entire Pantone color pallet. Custom colors can also be printed based on your specification.

How does Bema ensure that high print quality results from flexo printing plates?2020-10-05T17:54:20-05:00

Bema has full prepress capability on site in the Bema Tech Center. We have all the technologies and expertise of the large prepress houses, the software used by top graphics design firms and the knowledge of printing to get your design printed right the first time.

Can Bema make stand up pouches?2020-10-05T17:54:37-05:00

Yes, this is one of our core services. Bema has 4 pouch making machines. Two with bottom and side gusset capability, one with bottom gusset and shaping capability and a fourth with fitment inserting. All four machines can add zippers, tear notches, and a variety die cuts.

I read an article describing Bema as a “job shop on steroids.” What does that mean?2020-10-05T17:54:52-05:00

We provide ‘job shop like” turnaround with no compromise to quality by being vertically integrated, employing top-notch industry talent and using the best technology available.

What other services do you provide?2020-10-05T17:55:04-05:00

We are a fully integrated service provider. In addition to prepress, color printing and pouch making we offer printed roll stock, solventless lamination, wicketed bag manufacturing and slitting. We also have strong industry partnerships that can expand our offerings.

What is Color Biology?2020-10-05T17:55:25-05:00

Color Biology is how Bema combines our team’s unsurpassed understanding of the printing process, the science of inks, solvents and film with the best technology available. Color Biology yields what you demand – Uncompromised quality and timely delivery.

Does Bema have any certifications/affiliations?2020-10-05T17:55:36-05:00

Yes, Bema has been certified by AIB since 2010 and, year after year, continues to score the highest marks for AIB audits. Our Bema Tech Center is one of the few Esko HD Flexo Certified prepress houses in the U.S. Bema is also a member of the FTA, FPA and IOPP.

How often does Bema go through a certification?2020-10-05T17:56:09-05:00

Bema has an audit annually through AIB and we must remain expert with the latest design software to retain our ESKO HD Flexo certification. To read more about AIB and what this certification means, go here!