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Liquid Pouch Printing By Bema IncorporatedLiquid pouches are the workhorse of the liquid packaging industry. They are economical, easy to use, and reduce waste when disposed properly. Liquid pouches are very strong, yet flexible, which is why they are a prime choice for packaging. From being filled, stored, transported, and displayed on store shelves, liquid pouches have to withstand a lot of abuse and look good at the same time.


Liquid pouches are based off of stand up pouches with a spouted pouring system implemented in the design of the pouch. Liquid pouches offer the same benefits as stand up pouches including puncture resistance and 8 to 10 high color art work capabilities to effectively advertise your products.


Popular applications for these types of pouches include:

  • Disposable pouches capable of being filled with hot or cold liquids
    • Pouches are able to handle up to 200° F
  • Commercial liquid dispensing pouches for beverages for sale on store shelves    
  • Large pouches for dispensing fountain soda syrup and commercial grade sauces
  • Custom shaped soap, perfume, and bath oil pouches
  • Reinforced PE pouches that can hold industrial cleaning supplies 


Liquid pouches can be designed with either of the following spout options:

  • Caps
  • Pour Spouts
  • Squeeze Spouts

Our in house prepress department will work with you to leverage the best high definition flexographic (HD Flexo) printing technology the industry has to offer to maximize the impact of your art design. Our two wide format flexographic printing presses can handle all the colors in the Pantone book at 4000 DPI. We can even print up to 18 colors! And the finish is up to you as well, with matte and glossy finish available. All this results in a unique look and the eye-popping shelf appeal you need to thrive in the market.


From disposable water bottles to commercial grade sauce pouches, Bema Incorporated has the ability to manufacture liquid pouches to meet your specific packaging needs.


Contact us to discuss your specific shaped pouch packaging need

Contact us to discuss your specific liquid pouch packaging needs.

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